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4 Steps to Your Best Summer Ever

 Want Your Best Summer Ever?


Imagine a summer without...

“Mom! I’m bored,”  “Why do we have to...? I don’t wanna...”

Nagging the kids to get off their electronics.

Playing referee 24/7.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not -- when you know what to do.


Join me for

The Best Summer Ever Webinar

where you’ll learn how to

  1. Create a joint vision so everyone’s on board

  2. Create order out of chaos with a family calendar visual that tracks it all

  3. Establish summer rules and expectations for happy, harmonious days

  4. Have family meetings so everyone has a voice


I want to make this work for you!

I am giving this webinar multiple days and times, so find a day and time that works for you  and you’ll get all the tools and templates you’ll need to make this dream summer a reality.

On SUNDAY, JUNE 30, there will be LIVE COMMUNITY FORUM follow up.  This is your chance to hop onto a call, share how the process has been going for you, and to get some pointers for any sticky parts that are still causing conflict.  

And then between now and the 30th, I will ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS in a dedicated post on the Joyful Parenting FB page.

So how would it be if …

•your kids wake up every summer morning knowing what to do

•your kids have on-going projects they’re excited about

•your kids have (non-electronic) activities they want to dig into


•you have time for yourself … your mate

•you have fun times spent together as a whole family

•you can slow down and savor the season