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Get webinars and programs from award-winning parent educator, Elisabeth Stitt of Joyful Parenting Coaching.  Elisabeth specializes in breaking down parenting into practicable, actionable steps to make your home more harmonious and connected.  

Parents of Teens ONLINE Winter 2018 Coaching Program


Parents of Teens ONLINE Winter 2018 Coaching Program


5 Weeks to Clarity and Connection: The Joyful Parenting Coaching :

Start with a one-on-one 1.5 hours coaching session by phone or Skype to determine your family's unique needs

•Then join 5 unique online webinars starting Wednesday, January 10, 2018


This is a really tricky time.  Your teen is torn between fear of the future and wanting to stay within the safety your home provides, and you are torn between the fear of losing them and the prospect of enjoying more flexibility and freedom in your life with your teen gone.  

Your teen will leave all too soon.  In the meantime, there are a lot of milestones and drama to weather. 


Why join a group program and not just read a book?

My husband would probably break out in hives before he would join a group coaching class.  But growing up in India with extended family all around him, parenting conversations happened regularly over family meals.  Unlike most of us, he had direct contact on a weekly or even daily basis with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  When he needed advice, he knew exactly where to turn.  Even I have shared the benefit of having my mother-in-law live with me.  I have often sat down at the kitchen table with my parenting woes and walked away with greater clarity and calm.  I wish all parents could have that kind of support.  That is why I created the Parents of Teens program.

With this program you will

•Get clear on your goals and priorities for the remaining teen years.

Find the balance between how much independence to give your kids and when to step in.

•Continue to set clear limits about your expectations for your teen's behavior.

•Parent with confidence so you can stay present and connected with your kids even as they move away.  

5 Webinars to Support Parenting Your Teen

Session I:  Clarity:  Know Your Values and Priorities.  Create a clear vision of the adult your child is becoming.

Session II:  Communication--What is Needed at This Stage--with your parenting partner and with your teen.  

Session III:  Connection:  Solidifying or Adjusting the Activities and Rituals that Bond You Together Even in the Face of Teenage Indifference

Session IV:  Consistency and Consequences:  Continuing to Be the Anchor for Your Teens Even as They Ride Turbulent Seas

Session V:  Community:  Moving towards being the resource and supporter rather than the commander-in-chief 

•A one-on-one 1.5 hours coaching session by phone or Skype to determine your family's unique needs

•Group FB page for support

•Spouse included as long as you do joint coaching sessions.  

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