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Best Summer Ever Webinar

This webinar guides parents in the steps to co-creating a plan with their kids for the Best Summer Ever. Parents don’t want to spend their summer nagging while listening to their kids whining. Imagine getting to the end of summer and having your kids exclaim, “That was so much fun!” or “I learned so much!”

4 Steps to Your Best Summer EVER Webinar


4 Steps to Your Best Summer EVER Webinar



  1. Wednesday, June 26 at 8:30 p.m. PST

  2. Friday, June 28 at 10:00 a.m. PST

  3. Sunday, June 30 at 8:00 a.m. PST

Yes! I Want the Best Summer EVER. Sign me up!

Imagine a summer without...

“Mom! I’m bored,”  “Why do we have to...? I don’t wanna...”

Nagging the kids to get off their electronics.

Playing referee 24/7.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not -- when you know what to do.

Join me for

The Best Summer Ever Webinar

where you’ll learn how to

  1. Create a joint vision so everyone’s on board

  2. Create order out of chaos with a family calendar visual that tracks it all

  3. Establish summer rules and expectations for happy, harmonious days

  4. Have family meetings so everyone has a voice

I want to make this work for you!

I am giving this webinar multiple days and times, so find a day and time that works for you  and you’ll get all the tools and templates you’ll need to make this dream summer a reality.

On SUNDAY, JUNE 30, there will be LIVE COMMUNITY FORUM follow up.  This is your chance to hop onto a call, share how the process has been going for you, and to get some pointers for any sticky parts that are still causing conflict.  

And then between now and the 30th, I will ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS in a dedicated post on the Joyful Parenting FB page.

So how would it be if …

•your kids wake up every summer morning knowing what to do

•your kids have on-going projects they’re excited about

•your kids have (non-electronic) activities they want to dig into


•you have time for yourself … your mate

•you have fun times spent together as a whole family

•you can slow down and savor the season

Sign up TODAY!


I found in Elisabeth a wise and empathetic teammate. Having the perfect person to vent to is surely half the value of a coaching call for me, the other half being her clear advice and suggestions!

—David S.

Author and award winning parent educator Elisabeth Stitt founded Joyful Parenting Coaching in 2014 to give parents the skills they need to be confident and joyous.  Over the course of her 25-year teaching career in the Redwood City School District (California), Elisabeth saw how parents were becoming increasingly isolated and at the same time were coming to parenting with little or no actual hands on experience with kids.  Whereas parents used to turn to family and neighbors for models in how to parent, today they have to seek out information and support from professionals. 

Through in-person workshops, one-on-one coaching and online webinars, Elisabeth helps parents establish harmonious households so they can have the warm, loving relationships they desire with their kids. 

On her Joyful Parenting tele-summits, Elisabeth has interviewed parenting experts like Dr. Michael Gurian, Dr. Laura Markham and author Julie Lythcott-Haims. She works with parents from companies you know like Intuit, Cisco, Google and Netflix.  


Elisabeth’s book, Parenting as a Second Language: A Guidebook for Joyfully Navigating the Trials, Triumphs and Tribulations of Parenthood, uses anecdotes from her own experience as a mom, single mom, stepmom and teacher to show parents how to use warmth and empathy to stay connected to their kids even when they make the inevitable mistakes we make as parents.  The exercises for self-reflection in every chapter give parents an opportunity to parent purposefully with the long view in mind rather than parenting by the seat of their pants, slogging through from day to day.  Dr. Denny Coates of Strong for Families praises Elisabeth as “a wise, compassionate woman who [is] one of the most knowledgeable voices among parenting coaches.”