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Coach on Call

Help a phone call away on your schedule.

It’s such a blessing to draw people into a circle of trust in a way that benefits all - and we’ve discovered through serendipity, that Elisabeth has that knack!
— Chris C.
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Coach on Call

You are an awesome parent.  You've read a lot of advice and you're doing a pretty darn good job of following through.  But sometimes you just get stumped and want to run your thinking by someone.  That's where the Coach on Call comes in.

You invest in a 14-session coaching series.  The sessions never expire.  You can use them whenever you want.  You might use one a month or one a quarter.  You just check my schedule and sign up for the first slot that works for you.  Each session includes a follow-up emails for fine tuning and feedback if need be. 

In addition to fourteen 30-minute sessions, this package includes

•Harmony at Home Family Assessment

         The Family Assessment tool takes a snap shot of where your family is right now--your strengths and weakness, your successes and your challenges.  This is our starting point.  

•The Getting Clear on Your Values and Priority Webinar

          This webinar gives you an overview to the first step of effective parenting, clarity.  Would you start a long road trip without consulting a map?  No, way!  Well, parenting is the longest road trip adventure you'll ever go on.  This webinar helps you create your parenting plan so that all your parenting decisions will help you get to your goal of an independent adult child!.  

•50 Ways to Connect with Your Kids ebook

          Connection is key.  Truly.  Finding activities where your child feels relaxed and happy with you is the glue that holds family togethers.  This nifty infographic gives you 50 ideas for connecting with your child.  Because every child is unique and has his own style, each idea is identified with Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.  That makes it easy to pick out the right activity whether your child is a kinesthetic learner, a logical thinker or a naturalist.  

To schedule your Family Assessment call click HERE or text 650.248.8916.

Parent with confidence.  I've got your back!