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Let's Hear it for the Dads!

20 Dads--bloggers, podcasters, community activists, authors and researchers--talk about fatherhood, the importance of dads, and what they wish moms knew about being a father. 

What a great time I have had interviewing dads the past month--new dads, experienced dads, divorced dads, single dads, granddads, dads with large families and small, dads of twins, dads of daughters, dads of sons.  I've pretty much heard from them all.  Although each dad brings his unique experience, there are some common themes:  the kind of support dads need, how dads are different from moms but equally valuable, how there are resources to help dads step into the role of fatherhood and fully embrace it.  Read about them as dads and professionals below.  Although the tele summit is officially over, you can still access these interviews HERE

Let's Hear it For The Dads! -- Speakers

Dan Medcraft


Ryan McKelly


Julian Redwood


Jason Kreidman


Brian Clark


Scott Wallace


Nathan Timmel


Sheldon Barrocks


Michael Gurian


Robert Nickell

Rick Johnson


Jay Payleitner


Eric Snow


Kelly Farley


Al Ferguson

Dan Lythcott-Haims


Dennis Coates


Joe Kelly


Paul Banas


Keith Jowers