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3 Terrific Tips for Getting Your Kids to Listen

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3 Terrific Tips for Getting Your Kids to Listen

Angry Kid dreamstime_m_14386939.jpg
Angry Kid dreamstime_m_14386939.jpg

3 Terrific Tips for Getting Your Kids to Listen


From my deep bag of tricks for getting kids’ cooperation, in this webinar we’ll focus on 3 of my favorite:


•Engaging kids’ imaginations

•The S-U-S-T-A-I-N-E-D C-O-N-N-E-C-T (the silver bullet if ever there was one!)

I promise you will feel more empowered at the end of the hour with tips you can use today, so bring your questions and let’s get started!

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OR Can’t make it live; just send me the recording, please.

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What parents are saying….

I liked the idea of “setting my kids up for success.” I had never really thought about that before. I’m going spend more time thinking about how much I can ask of my kids with a hope that they’ll actually listen.

—John C, San Jose, CA

My son was refusing to brush his teeth and I remembered what you said about having kids use their imagination. I asked him how would he brush T-rex teeth. He made a face with all his teeth showing and growled the whole time I was trying to brush his teen. I acted all scared and he growled even louder. Thanks a lot for an informative workshop.

—Maria A, Austin, TX

It was good to practice with a partner. I can’t believe that it actually worked to just make eye contact and then say nothing at all. I yell a lot and I really want to be calmer with my kids, so I’m going to try this for sure.

—Randy Z, Portland, ME