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Parent-to-Be Package

Getting Equipped for the Next Phase


The Parent-to-Be Package

Once Baby arrives you will be running by the seat of your pants.  Exhilarated, yes.  Rejoicing in the moment, yes.  But life is going to get busy!  So take the time now, before Baby is here, to identify your core values and to use them to create a vision of what you want your household to be now and who you want your children to become.  Align your parenting to your best selves.  Then, once Baby comes home, have the comfort of knowing you have support just a phone call away.

THE RESEARCH IS CLEAR:  Proactive Parents who get on the same page before baby even arrives, have children who thrive.  CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE FROM PENN STATE.

Before Baby comes, spend time identifying and prioritizing your values.  After Baby comes, get the support you need to keep you grounded so you can support each other while taking care of Baby.  

  • Two One-Hour Discovery Sessions (One for Each Parent)

  • One Two-Hour Vision Session for The Parents Together

  • Six 30-Minute Post-Birth Coaching Sessions 

  • Between-Sessions Emails

  • Concrete Exercises to Open Communication with Your Partner

QUESTIONS: Let's Connect Today with a Getting to Know You FREE Introductory Call.  I can't wait to hear your story and how you are doing and to tell you about the Parent-to-Be Coaching Package.