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About ME

Elisabeth Stitt is committed to Helping You to Become the Architect of Your Family.  She truly believes that the key to children thriving and harmony in the home is confident parents whose parenting is aligned with their goals and values and at the same time is sensitive to their individual child.  

About Me

My name is Elisabeth Stitt.  I am an author, parent educator, coach, mom and step-mom.  A teacher for 25 years, I know how little support parents have in today’s society. Allow me to use my extensive experience and my expertise to help you sort through all the parenting advice available to you. Yes, parenting is hard work, but it also can be a ton of fun!  So come play with me and get the strategies and skills you need to rock your parenting.    As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, I commit to being at your side, in service to you.


My Mission

My mission is to ignite you to draw on your core values in all your parenting so as to experience the full joy of the journey.  By parenting deliberately, grounded by sound child development principals--and supported by my extensive bag of tricks--you trust your in-the-moment decisions.  Armed with confidence, you to put your energy into forming the warm, close connection you want with your child.   Above all, you know that by forming a deep bond with your children and by following through on clear expectations, you are being your best parenting self, the architect of your family. 

Ready for the journey to joy?  

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