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About ME

Elisabeth Stitt is committed to Helping You to Become the Architect of Your Family.  She truly believes that the key to children thriving and harmony in the home is confident parents whose parenting is aligned with their goals and values and at the same time is sensitive to their individual child.  

About Me:  From Teacher to Parenting Coach


"Good parenting is the millions of small gestures we make that keep our child safe, secure and connected."

My name is Elisabeth Stitt. I am an author, parent educator and coach,  and retired teacher, but first  and foremost I am a mother and a stepmother. I’ve been through it all; diapers, the terrible twos, crazed teenage years and even saying goodbye as your first kid leaves home for college. And as a teacher for 25 years, I know how little support parents have in today’s society. I want to help support parents and parents-to-be through my own extensive experience and expertise because I’ve been there and know how to navigate the difficult world of parenting. Yes, parenting IS hard work, but it can also be a ton of FUN. So let me help you learn the strategies and skills you need to rock your parenting. As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, I commit to being at your side, in service to you.

The Journey of Parenting

My mission is to help you rely on your core values while at the same time learning effective methods of parenting so you can really learn to love and experience the joy of parenting. You’ll learn parenting techniques grounded by sound child development principles as well as a few notes from my extensive bag of tricks. No longer worried if “you’re doing this right,” you can put all your energy into forming the warm, close connection you want with your child. Above all, I want you to love the journey of parenting even with all its ups and downs and I strive for you to form those deep bonds with your children, set clear family expectations, and know that you are being your best parenting self. In  doing that, you are being the architect of the family.

Ready for the journey to joy?    

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