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Parenting as a Second Language

Parenting coach and author Elisabeth Stitt's new book, Parenting as a Second Language, lays out Elisabeth's grounded wisdom on the big picture of what it means to be an effective parent.  The combination of personal stories and exercises for parents to do provide opportunities for parents to reflect on who they want to be as parents and how to do that. Her ebooks expand on the same themes and likewise offer practical approaches to becoming more effective.    

          I encounter many parents who feel guilty that they are "bad parents."  They feel that they should just know how to parent naturally, and when they find themselves struggling, they fear that they are unfit--that somehow they don't have the innate ability that they should have to be good parents.  This is so sad!   Parenting is NOT an innate skill.  

          Parenting is learned in social groups--historically from our parents, grandparents and fellow tribesmen--but more recently from neighbors and the parents of other kids at school.  As more and more parents are in the workforce, however, there is simply not time for parents to gather in groups.  There is not time to compare notes, to ask for advice or to watch others as they are parenting.  

          So what is the modern parent to do?  Read!  The danger of reading, however, is going online and falling down a rabbit hole of advice.  Parenting as a Second Language aims to lead parents through some of the big topics of parenting--like how to support kids, how to be empathetic and still keep limits, and how to move our kids towards being responsible, independent adults--but its primary focus is to help people find their parenting voice so they can parent with calm and confidence.

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I’m giving Elisabeth Stitt five stars for her kind, wise, relaxed and eminently intelligent approach to raising children. As I read, I felt like I was in conversation with someone who was listening carefully to me, who was anticipating my questions and thoughts and fears. Her exercises were actually fun and doable, and they made me feel hopeful, not burdened.
— --Barbara Jay
Each chapter delivers practical wisdom about a game-changing parenting issue. Topics are treated in an informal, conversational style, as if listening to a friendly, experienced coach. Each chapter contains examples and stories from the author’s personal experience, recommendations, and exercises to reinforce her points.
— Dr. Denny Coates
The Exercises are practical and helpful to your personal style of parenting. I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh, new approach to a book about parenting. I give it 5 stars and am thrilled to have a new book to recommend to my families.
— Susan Dawley, Program Director, Parent and Parent Educator