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New and Expectant Parents Workshop

New and Expectant Parents get lots of advice and assistance when it comes to physically giving birth and caring for a newborn and not nearly enough guidance when it comes to the social/emotional shifts couples becoming parents experience.  Create the Vision of what you want your family to be and create the plan that will get you there.   This is the first step to becoming a united parenting team.  

Birth is finite.  Parenting infinite.  What's your plan?


A Workshop for New and Expectant Parents

Transition to Parenthood: 

Be the Architect of Your Family. Build the Foundations that Will Allow Your Children to Thrive

•Reflect on your own happiest moments of childhood

•Explore the rules and attitudes you learned in your childhood

•Envision the person your child will become

•Commit to being a strong couple that strives to be on the same parenting page.  

•Create a family motto

•Learn to communicate effectively

•Learn to resolve conflict constructively

You’ve done so much to get ready for Baby.  You’ve gotten or are getting ready for birth and for infancy.  Now, while your child is small, is also the time to think of your long term visions and goals for your new family and to start those conversations with your partner where you each articulate your deepest held beliefs and fondest wishes.     Why is this work so important? Penn State recently did a 7-year longitudinal study concluding that the children of parents who had classes in co-parenting, relationship skills fared better than parents who had either parenting classes or no support at all.  A shared vision backed up by good communication skills, puts you on the road to joyous, harmonious parenting.   

San Francisco/North Bay Area Workshops available upon request. Send a request here.  This same work can be done via Skype.  

SPECIAL OFFER:  Gather four or more other couples and have a Create the Vison party--your place or mine.  20% discount for parties.  This workshop is a lot of fun.  It is about who you will be as parents at your very best. Send a request here.

Best parenting advice I ever got?
—-A baby alone in her crib will not die. Often she is upset because you are upset. Put her in her crib, walk away and take five deep, slow breaths. When you go back, it is like having pushed the reset button.