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Why Coaching?

Coaching is flexible, and it is tailored to you and your needs.  You and your coach work out together what is best going to serve you.  Where else in your life do you get to bring the laser beam of attention on you in just the way that most fits you?

Why Coaching?

We used to have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and good next door neighbors to turn to with our parenting woes.  But today we are so busy.  There's hardly even time to wave to the parent of our child's friend.   More and more we are isolated in our own homes.  Where's the time for the backyard b-b-q's? For coffee over a friend's kitchen table?  Who really has the time to listen?

I do!  And unlike your best friend, I have years of experience working with kids and am full of expertise and time tested techniques.  Just as important, I am there just for you, to hold your agenda sacred, to listen for what is underneath your stories, to keep the big picture in mind, to connect you over and over again to your true values.  

As a coach, my job is to pull out what is in you, so you can be your very best person and your very best parent.  I listen for what is the core issue that is really giving you a hard time--whether that is at home or out in the world--and help bring it into clear focus.  When we are in conflict with our kids, it is almost never just about the mess, the back talk, or the homework not done.  Together we will find the common thread and address the meta issue.  And I promise to honor your bold vision for your family. Always.  


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Why Ongoing Coaching?

You know how when you get a massage, it feels so good?  The massage therapist works on you, finding those balls of tension.  Her work acts like a release valve, siphoning off the top layer of pressure.  A great quick fix, but soon enough the pressure builds again. 

Now, when you go to the same massage therapist for regular sessions over time, that is where the magic begins.  She begins to know your particular body.  She is responsive to the complaint you walk in with today, but at each session she also quickly and confidently checks-in on those parts of your body that have been knotty in the past, keeping your overall needs in mind as she attends to a particular spot.  As she works from week to week, your body realigns itself so you walk through your day more smoothly. 

As coach, I work much the same way.  From session to session, you bring whatever topic you want to the table.  But knowing you ever deeper as I do, I am always keeping the long view in mind.  How do does today's topic relate to your essential self?  What is the big change or growth you would like to see a year from now?  As coach, I help you address and clear today's issue in the context of that long term goal.   You'll get a game plan for the challenge at hand, leading to less stress and fewer headaches, and you'll also build strength for the long haul.

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What do people use a parenting coach for?

•To learn practical skills

•To take the time to reflect and evaluate their own parenting

To know how to talk to your kids so that they listen and follow directions

•To practice exactly what one wants to say to a child about a difficult issue ahead of time

To get guidance on guiding children through difficult times like divorce, death or moving

•To feel reassured that as the parents they are the ones who can decide what parenting approach is most appropriate for their family

To develop techniques for managing their own feelings

•To prioritize values so parents know what battles to fight

To provide accountability so that parents actually do what they have decided they think is best for their kids


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Coaching Logistics

Love the idea of being coached but wondering how it is done? 

It's easy.  It's convenient.  It's flexible. 

Find a time and day when you can work in a 30- 45- or 60-minute phone call.  Still in your pajamas?  Not a problem.  I'll never know!  Want to call after your kids are down for the night?  Also, not a problem.  By making a commitment to a weekly call, you'll know that in the midst of the craziness of parenting, you have set aside time to reflect, to problem solve, and to align your parenting practices to your values and to your long term goals.

Initially, we mine for ideals and discover who you are at your best.  After that, you bring a topic to the weekly session that you have had on your mind and want to take a look at.  By focusing a laser beam of attention, we get to the heart of the matter quickly.  Yes, as your coach, I may push you beyond your comfort zone .  That's how you get the results you have always longed for, leaving you energized and optimistic.   Between session inquiry questions or action requests extend your learning.  Do this vital work and reap the rewards every day.

Do you live within 15 miles of 94040? Consider a home visit!

Sometimes things feel so bad you cannot even decide what the central issue with your child is.   What's up with this kid?  Where are you going wrong?  You think you are following the plan.  It should be working.  But somehow it is not.  That's when an outside observer can cut to the quick of the problem.  If you live within 15 miles of the 94040 area code, I can come to you. 

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