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Harmony at Home Family Assessment and Follow Up Session

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Get webinars, classes and programs from award-winning parent educator, Elisabeth Stitt of Joyful Parenting Coaching.  Elisabeth specializes in breaking down parenting into practicable, actionable steps to make your home more harmonious and connected.  

Harmony at Home Family Assessment and Follow Up Session


Harmony at Home Family Assessment and Follow Up Session



You get to really slow down and take a deep, careful look at your family.

           This is proactive parenting at its best!!!

You and your partner are going to be so appreciative of the chance to spend a thoughtful hour plus with the help of my expert eye.  To rejoice in what you are doing well and to make a plan for where your family is challenged. 

The assessment is 50+ questions in 8 subcategories allowing you to get down to the nitty gritty and to see where you can shore up your kids now while they are young.

In our session, we will break down each area into specific observable behaviors and assess the challenges you are experiencing that are keeping you from the harmony you long for in your home.  I will then pinpoint the key place making a change will begin to shift your family dynamics and will give you at least one awesome tip you can use the very next day.  

     •Imagine that it weren’t taking every last drop of strength to get you from dinner to bedtime!

      •How would it feel if getting your children into bed and asleep for the night took 20 minutes top. 

     •What if there were no more back talk in your family because your kids knew how to express their desires respectfully and to accept no for an answer gracefully. 

      •What if you not only loved your spouse but you loved parenting with her, knowing that the two of you were a well-oiled, united parenting team.  

Doing the Harmony at Home Family Assessment is the first step down the road towards sunny mornings, serene sleeps, and smooth sailing throughout the day. 

Walk away knowing your game plan for creating the family and home life you deserve.  

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What People Have to Say:

"Thank you so much for your time today talking to me today about our Harmony at Home assessment. You are such an inspiration and gave clear and definitive ways to help me and my family.

I have sought methods and answers through out motherhood to try and improve my parenting skills and I feel you have given me the answers I have been looking for. Using "self reflecting" tools and through your gentle and honest approach,I felt safe and extremely comfortable in talking to you."

                                                                    --Joanne C.

Now, you might be thinking, 

     I’VE TRIED SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE, why will this work?

     Let me share with you one success story.  

I was working with the mom of a teenager, and you know how hard teenagers can be.  This mom was convinced she could change a dozen things and her son would still scream profanities and slam his door.  In our Harmony at Home Family Assessment Follow Up Session, I asked her to commit to just putting one tip into action for two weeks.  She agreed to try.  

It took a while, but just by responding to her son with quiet, empathetic active listening each and every time he blew up, slowly he came to trust that his mom was going to be reasonable.  This helped him calm down enough so that when she said, “I know you can figure this out, but is there anything I can do to help with that?”, he didn’t bite her head off just for asking.  

Until their relationship got better, this mom had not understood how much energy dealing with an angry teenager had been costing her every day.  When that got better, all of a sudden she had a lot more energy for her other parenting tasks.  

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT was her sense of personal victory—her realization that she hadn’t screwed up and that she could do this parenting gig!!  With the evidence of what one small change could make, she couldn’t wait to tackle the next goal on her list.

Investing in the Harmony at Home Family Assessment and Follow Up Session is not something you will ever regret.  I believe that so firmly that if you do the assessment and fully commit to one tip that we discuss in the Follow Up Session and after two weeks of applying the tip you STILL do not feel it has been valuable, I will gladly refund you the full amount.   

Knowing that your investment is 100% guaranteed, there is nothing stopping you, so TAKE ACTION today. Click the button below to sign up.

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Still not convinced?

Here's what more people have to say after just doing the Harmony at Home Assessment and Follow Up Session:  

I liked starting with the values; that was a different perspective.  It helps you focus on why you get triggered as a parent.  I also liked the mantra that the relationship is more important than the issue.    —Parent of a teen

I love the idea of kids learning to be cooperative not for rewards but because “Families work together."   —Antonia O.

Elisabeth gave us an actionable, clear approach that builds the relationship instead of tearing it apart.  I also appreciate her clarity and professional insights about areas where we weren’t sure which was the best action to take.    —Robert O. 

Elisabeth, you really seem to understand us and our kids even though you just met us.   —Michelle W.

I appreciate the practical, real-world things we can easily try out.    —Brad O. 

And from people who have worked with me longer:

“If you seek to find one champion for your child, Elisabeth is your hero.  She has helped us navigate some challenging situations, always looking for the root cause to be addressed, not the source of blame. She will help you find new perspective on the day to day relationships with your children and challenge you to see new ways of parenting.”

— Kathleen P.

“Elisabeth has a great easy going way about her. She understands that we are all different, have different learning styles, different backgrounds, different strengths and weaknesses and embraces them all. She looks at the whole person and the big big picture. She is really a breath of fresh air”

— Karen P

My favorite parenting expert is Elisabeth Stitt. She brings years of teaching and parenting experience, as well as a great deal of learning from other experts. I've read her articles and participated in small group parenting circles online, as well as a couple of one-on-one sessions, and she has a great balance of listening and sharing her own perspective and experience. 

—Karen L