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Parents-to-Be Coaching Package

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Get webinars, classes and programs from award-winning parent educator, Elisabeth Stitt of Joyful Parenting Coaching.  Elisabeth specializes in breaking down parenting into practicable, actionable steps to make your home more harmonious and connected.  

Parents-to-Be Coaching Package


Parents-to-Be Coaching Package


Parenting has changed a lot in the last twenty-five years.  The challenges are greater than ever, and today's parents have had less hands-on experience with babies and kids than ever before.  That is why it is especially important for new parents to get off to a good start.  The PARENTS-TO-BE COACHING PACKAGE is designed to support parents in becoming a united parenting team with a family mission statement that will provide a guide for creating a long-long term family plan.  Coaching sessions before the birth help couples to plan, and sessions after the birth allow exhausted new parents a safe space to process their emotions (and get quick tips from an expert). 

The package includes

  • Two One-Hour Discovery Sessions (one for each parent)

  • One Two-Hour Vision Session for The Parents Together

  • Six 30-Minute Post-Birth Coaching Sessions 

  • Between-Sessions Emails

  • Concrete Exercises to Open Communication with Your Partner

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Are you a good candidate for parenting coaching? Let me tell you about my clients:

My ideal clients are excited about being parents.

My ideal clients believe that what they do makes a difference to the development of the child, but they do not worry about being perfect.

My ideal parents know that they are going to get their parenting "wrong" lots of the time but that as long as forming a deep bond is at the foundation of their overall parenting, their child is resilient and will bounce back.

My ideal clients know that just by being alive, their child is already perfect and that their child's particular qualities are just icing on the cake.  

My clients strive to be brave and to listen to their own instincts before they take advice from anyone else (including me!).

My clients take the long view and feel that their children will grow and mature as they need to knowing that children learn at different paces and in different ways. 

My clients believe in devoting time to their romantic partnerships and to taking care of themselves. 

My clients believe in devoting time to parenting deliberately.

My clients are savvy, fun and energetic. The are optimistic and have growth mindsets.