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Parenting Workshops

Is your school, organization or business in the San Francisco/ Bay Area?  Do you want to provide parenting support for your employees, parents or clients?  I will come to you!  (No travel charge for Redwood City, Woodside, Portola Valley, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Campbell, San Jose, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Fremont.)

Parenting Workshops



Are you outside the San Francisco/Bay Area?  Ask me anyway.  I'll see what I can do.  I do fly all over the place, and just maybe I am flying towards you.  

Call 650.248.8916 or email to check availability. 

The content of any workshop can be contracted to as short as a 10 minute overview or expanded to a multiple session, interactive course.

Current Workshop Topics

4 Challenges Modern Parents Face That Keep Them Yelling, Nagging and Arguing with Their Kids.---

Our kids drive us nuts when they whine, complain, talk back or just don't listen.  But have you ever considered what we are doing as parents that brings on that behavior in our kids?  Of course, kids vary in their personalities, but there are some common reasons modern moms and dads face that cause their kids to respond defensively and/or to ignore them completely--and cause parents to resort to yelling, nagging and arguing.  Not to worry!  I have concrete skills that help parents address these challenges and bring harmony and cooperation to their homes.  

3 Terrific Tips for Getting Your Kids to Listen

I have a deep bag of tricks for getting kids’ to listen. In this webinar I go through 3 of my favorite time-tested techniques for cooperation from children small to big. Remember, parenting is a skill that can be taught, learned and practiced. While I cannot guarantee that your children will listen, I have had success using these tips with so many children (100’s and 100’s of kids!) that if you have really given them a try for two weeks and not one of them has made a difference, I will do a 15 minute Tune-Up call to tweak what is not working.


Our kids drive us nuts when they whine, complain, talk back or just don't listen.  But have you ever considered what we are doing as parents that brings on that behavior in our kids?  Parents, as we learn non-competitive, non-equipment games that can be played anywhere, come learn why play is so essential to kids for their social, emotional and cognitive growth, how being a playful parent will increase harmony and cooperation in your home and concrete tips for incorporating play into your routine.    

PARENTS AT PLAY IN THE PARK provides a chance for parents and kids to play together, putting into action the tips and games and activities parents learned.  This additional hour can be done at a different time or on a different day (Bring kids ages 3-7 only, please).  

Taming Temper Tantrums

There isn't a parent in the world who hasn't had to weather at least one temper tantrum.  They are universal--a natural developmental stage that kids have to go through.  That being said, there are certainly steps we can take to tame them.  At the very least, it helps to know that they will pass!

3 Steps to Effective Parenting: Clarity, Connection and Consistency 

 This hour long lecture provides an overview of the pillars of effective parenting:  clarity provides your road map so you know where you're going; connection provides the warmth that is the glue that holds the family together, and consistency provides the firm limits your kids need to learn to regulate themselves emotionally.  

Forming a Close Connection with Your Kids Workshop

If there is one silver bullet to making parent easier, it is is forming a close, warm connection with your kids.  You are your children's favorite people.  When they feel that you welcome them and delight in their company, their world is complete.   Get the latest research on how connecting benefits growing brains and get some super tips to use with your family.  Learn how to bring more playfulness and heartfelt communication into your home.  

Be the Rock Your Kids Can Count On: Becoming a Consistent Parent Workshop

Parenting is hard, but being consistent smooths the road.  When your no means no and your children can trust you absolutely, you stop second guessing yourself; your children start feeling secure.  But it's hard, isn't it?  Learn my valuable, step-by-step tips for becoming a consistent parent today. 

Creating Effective Consequences Workshop

Wherever possible you want to let natural consequences do their work.  Lots of times, however, the natural consequence is too dire or is simply too far in the future for the child to make the connection.  That's when the parent steps in with a logical consequence.  The purpose of the logical consequence is not to punish.  It is to improve an unpleasant situation, to make a wrong a right or to impress a lesson upon a child so she realizes the impact of her actions.  Good parents do everything they can to support their children before they need a consequence but then do have effective consequences lined up that they can quickly and consistently put into place if it comes to that.  Walk away from this workshop armed with logical, effective consequences that will reinforce your children's learning for next time.  

Build Your Kid UP by Developing a Growth Mindset

How do we get our kids to give things their all and to keep trying, even when the trying gets hard?  Carol Dweck's research has shown that both teaching children about how the brain functions and using the right kind of praise can positively affect children's motivation.  Learn how to shift from negative to positive.  Learn how to see the best in your child and what to say to your kid so he can learn growth mindset self talk. 

Workshop Logistics at Your Business or Organization:  

•All my workshops are designed as 2 hour events with interactive activities, but each can be condensed to a one hour lecture format, as well. For groups like Kiwanis or Rotary, I can present a 10-30 minute overview.   Some workshops have an additional materials fee (unless you do the photocopying).  My schedule is very flexible, and I can often accommodate any time or day of the week.  For workshops done more than 15 miles outside of zip code 94040, a mileage cost of $0.60/mile is charged (If far out of area, we'll make other arrangements).  One hour workshops are $200 and two hour workshops are $300 for schools and childcare centers.